Reality Check Program for Youth

What is Reality Check?

Since 2001, Reality Check youth have been working across New York State to educate community leaders and their peers about the deceptive and manipulative tactics of the tobacco industry to recruit youth to become the next generation of replacement smokers. Reality Check works to reduce the prevalence of youth smoking and tobacco product sales to minors by decreasing the impact of retail tobacco product marketing on youth. Reality Check also educates others about tobacco imagery in the media and its influence on youth tobacco use.

Reality Check:

  • Empowers youth ages 13-18 to become leaders and advocates in the movement against tobacco use and the tobacco industry
  • Utilizes the powerful voices of local youth in order to hold the tobacco industry accountable for its actions and to change the social norms that support those actions
  • Educates community members, leaders and decision-makers about the tobacco industry‚Äôs tactics and mobilizes them to take action
  • Develops relationships with media outlets and works to garner earned media
  • Works to sustain a youth action movement against the tobacco industry locally, statewide, nationally and internationally