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E-cigs Most Commonly Used Tobacco Products Among NYS Youth

An infographic focused on the burden of electronic cigarette use in New York State and related policy support was developed from data from the 2016 NYS DOH Division of Chronic Disease Prevention Public Opinion Poll. It was recently released by the Bureau of Chronic Disease, Evaluation, and Research. The report indicates that the use of these products, also referred to as e-cigarettes, vaping products, or Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS), has doubled among high school youth over the span of two years, with over 1 in 5 youth reporting current use. Adult use, however, has remained low over the same period.

It is important to note that e-cigarettes are a nicotine-containing product that is NOT approved by the FDA as a cessation device, may contribute to youth initiation of smoking, and presents many of the same marketing and social norm challenges that combustible tobacco products do.  New Yorkers overwhelmingly support a policy that would restrict e-cigarette advertising to youth under the age of 18 and over half support a ban on flavors that are used in e-cigarettes.