On March 27, the Oscars will honor the best movies released in 2021.  The day before, on March 26, TFC|DOS will be hosting a free showing of one of those movies, West Side Story, which has been nominated for several awards including Best Picture.   

While the audience will no doubt enjoy the acting, singing, dancing and cinematography, the reason for the viewing is to put a spotlight on smoking in movies.  A Surgeon General’s report concluded that the more frequently youth see smoking on screen, the more likely they are to start smoking.  That’s why TFC|DOS and partners throughout the state and the country have been educating about the harms of tobacco in youth-rated films and advocating for an “R” rating in films containing tobacco imagery. 

Please join us for our free showing:
West Side Story (PG-13)
 March 26th, from 12:30-3:30pm
Sidney Memorial Public Library

There will be refreshments and prizes. Please note that West Side Story contains tobacco imagery, which will be discussed before and after the viewing.  To learn more about how smoking on screen kills in real life, visit https://smokefreemedia.ucsf.edu/history