The decision to live a smoke-free life is not only in your hands. While you can decide not to smoke in your home, other tenants may not choose to do the same. Tobacco Free Communities DOS is looking to work with local tenants and landlords to adopt no-smoking rules for their buildings.

65% of indoor air is shared in multi-unit apartment dwellings, which is why cigarette smoke drifting from neighbors’ apartments can create an unhealthy living situation for all. Not only is smoking-related fires a leading cause of household fires in the U.S, but children exposed to secondhand smoke are likelier to develop asthma, bronchitis, or SIDS.

Working together to make smoke-free housing available is important because:

  • Smoke-free housing reduces maintenance costs and improves value retention
  • Smoke-free housing decreases tenant conflict due to secondhand smoke
  • Owners may save money on insurance premiums by reducing the risk of fire


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Tobacco Free Communities DOS can provide window signage and offer assistance with adopting a smoke-free policy. For questions or assistance, contact Jennifer Hill at